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Ice Hurt (Captain), Rita Rogue (Captain), Wrecksy Regulator (Captain),
Amanda Tori Suicide, T. Wrecks, Grand Laursony, Machete Crocker,
Silent Assassin, J.M.F.K, Bruiz E Homemaker, Assaultine Cracker Jackers,
Jerzii Burnpike, Sassy Mean Clawdeen, Moxie Thundersox, Nonny Noisemaker,
Lynncredible She-Hulk, Ginger Spite,
May Q. Sick (alt), Cirque D. Slay (alt), Sweeet Thang (alt),
Wrecka Holmes (Coach), DV Aunt Rose (Coach), Camp Rockurass (Coach)

Check out the Wanna Bs

Wanna B’s

Ima Schoolya (Captain), Lightweight Champ (Captain), BangHer & Smash (Captain),
May Q. Sick, Cirque D. Slay, Raggedy Ann Cuffs, Sweeet Thang, Sunshine Bash Her,
Snotface, vile.ate.her, chAos, Deadtyme Skarebear, Tayztastic Boombastic,
Brown Sugar Bombshell, Pelvis Bruisley, ParaNorma Smacktivity, Mollz Deep,
Becca D. Licious (alt), Leah (alt), Notorious L.I.N. (alt),
Common Denominatrix (Coach), Majik Lee B Vicious (Coach)

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